Usage of commands for Air Conditioner

- Normal operation -
The automatic control program ( runs from 3:00 to around sunset everyday automatically.
After sunrise, it checks the weather and the status of the air conditioner every few minutes.
And it will modify the switch of the air conditioner accordingly.
For more infomation.

Additionally, we can control the air Conditioner with the following command and the argument.
All of the commands should be applied at obs1b machine.
  1. AirCon 1 or ON
  2. : Turn "ON" the air conditioner.
  3. AirCon 2 or OFF
  4. : Turn "OFF" the air conditioner.
    If you turn it on or off with these commands <1.2> or the web controller directly, they execute preferentially to the automatic control program.
  5. AirCon 3 or Normal
  6. : Return to the normal operation.
    It makes effective the automatic control program after finishing execution by commands<1, 2> or the web controller.
    You can also use it when you re-run the automatic control program.

last update : 4 Oct 2023